Art Patron Baryn Futa Wants Everyone to Appreciate Art as he Does

January 17, 2019
Baryn Futa hopes to make it so that brilliant artists are appreciated enough to thrive because the arts benefits all of society. He feels that being a profitable and useful investment is only a secondary benefit of supporting the arts. Baryn Futa hopes that, if more people can appreciate the arts the way he does, everyone will be better off. That is why Baryn continues to try to learn everything possible about art, because he wants to improve the situation.

He established his very own and very extensive art collection. He even loans his art to museums, in order to increase awareness of the arts. Most people have at least some sense that art is a key element of every human culture and society’s identity. However, in many societies, fine art is too often taken for granted and not appreciated sufficiently. It is often not considered a societal priority, but as a frivolous pursuit only for the rich. Baryn Futa wants people to feel differently, so he cultivates support of fine art, both as a benefactor and as someone who simply appreciates the finer things in life.

Baryn Futa - High Art For Everyone

July 19, 2018
Some people think that “High Art” is only for the elite, but this is simply not true. High Art is for everyone. High Art is typically gauged by its price and whether it is considered fine art or craft art. That being said, while High Art is typically enjoyed by the more high brow, that is not to say that anyone cannot enjoy it. Baryn Futa is greatly interested in High Art. He believes that art speaks to the soul and loves to spend time enjoying the art that he finds. Baryn Futa encourages people to take a moment to enjoy High Art in order to let one’s mind improve based on the aesthetic it is taking in.